Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Reading Challenge

The BLI Holiday Reading Challenge

I've never really taken part in short term challenges. But I think I'll try my hand with this Holiday Reading Challenge. But I have a few books that I always mean to get to this time of year but never do, this is a good excuse to get to them. I'm going to go with the level Santa's Helper: read 1-3 holiday themed books. I only own two or three holiday themed books (that I know of), and I'm trying not to buy too many new books (who am I trying to kid? I just got a few in the mail today).

  1. The Christmas Shoes by Donna Vanliere


  1. Hi Jessie! *waves* So glad to see you join the BLI Holiday Reading Challenge! :-)

    And I love your festive blog design, vive the holiday spirit! :-)

    Good luck with the challenge! :-)

  2. Hi Jessie! I just joined this challenge and The Christmas Shoes is on my shelf, too! Good luck with the challenge and Merry Christmas! :)