Friday, December 30, 2011

All About Love by Stephanie Laurens

Starting off where A Secret Love finished off, Alasdair Cynster (Lucifer) is attempting to run from fate, after his brother's happy wedding. Of course, as we soon find out, he only manages to play into it's hands. Conveniently for Lucifer, he had recently heard from his old mentor wanting him to check something out. Unfortunately for him however, things don't go as they're planned, and with the help of the beautiful Phyllida Tallent, Lucifer is able to solve the mystery.

I don’t think I could have made that sound any less tacky if I tried. However, I’ll admit, I believe that plot wise, this was my favorite of the series so far. Unfortunately that didn’t do anything to save the characters. I’m not sure what it was, but I didn’t enjoy them very much. Though for some odd reason, I had believed that Lucifer would be my favorite of the six Bar Cynsters, it appears I was wrong, it remains to be Vane of A Rake’s Vow). The characters seemed to be lacking something for me. Lucifer didn’t meet up to my expectations and Phyllida reminded me of all the Cynster wives that came before her, mainly Alathea (Lucifer’s sister-in-law) comes to mind. I’m thinking it’s time for Stephanie Laurens to bring some variety to these women. I can understand why the Cynster men are all similar they're cousins and were raised together, but the women? Come on! Along with the plot, the novel got points for not as many steamy scenes (if you get my drift) than the one before it. For someone who enjoys romance novels I’m somewhat of a prude.

Overall I enjoyed it and gave it four stars out of five.

This is a book from my own personal library.

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