Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Waking up to coffee and movie day 2.

Technically I didn't wake up to coffee, I was up before my father finished it. But whatever right? I didn't get too far with organizing my books yesterday. For years I've had them organized just alphabetically. But now I have enough to do them by genre as well. I also wanted to test something else which is working, just making things go by really slow.

As for my movies, unfortunately yesterday I had only been able to go through a couple before my brother came home, and sat down to watch movies with me, which caused a small problem. The movies in my pile he rather deemed "Maybe", "No", or (for The Black Cauldron) "Super No". And the "Maybe" movies weren't ones had had read the book they were based off of. However, as I said the other day, I'll still be continuing my movie marathon today. I'll even be starting out with Pride and Prejudice, and then I think Howl's Moving Castle. I still have a tons of organizing to do, so maybe I'll even continue tomorrow.

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