Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All About Passion by Stephanie Laurens

All About Passion begins with Gyles Rawlings, Earl of Chillingworth, looking for a wife that will meet his standards. She'll give him heirs, do her job as his countess, while he can still get some on the side, avoiding any possibilities of love within his marriage. He sets his sights on Francesca Rawlings, who seems to fit the part, or so he thinks. Francesca is not who he thinks she is. The day of his wedding he learns just that and now has to come to an understanding about his feelings for his wife, while odd seem to happen around or to her.

Honestly I'm still not sure what to make of All About Passion. It was probably a couple hundred pages too long. For some time there didn't seem to be anything going on. At one point there was a couple of pages (possible THREE pages), of Francesca talking to the gardener about what he should do. I'm pretty sure that was completely unnecessary. As to the relationship between Gyles and Francesca, it was plain as day to tell what they felt about one another. It was just a matter of Gyles admitting to what he felt. Finally, things seemed to be getting somewhere when odd things began to happening, however, it was incredibly predictable (I mean more predictable than what goes on in most romances). I saw what was going on with Franni from the beginning.

As for the characters themselves... well I kind of liked them, I have to admit I especially liked Charles and Osbert for some reason. Francesca thankfully, was different from the others from the Cynster novels, though of course, still had a backbone and could stand up for herself. There was one thing that bothered me about her, completely disgusted me to be honest. However, I think that might be considered a spoiler so feel free to highlight this: Francesca used to watch her parents get it on without them knowing. No lie. Gyles, was an ok character, though as much of a disappointment to me as Lucifer from All About Love.

I've given it a three out of five stars on goodreads because of the weird thing with Francesca, the lacking in plot and the fact that it was just too long for its own good.

This is a book from my own personal library.

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