Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Riven Kingdom by Karen Miller

For the most part The Riven Kingdom takes place in Ethrea, a small country. After the death of it's ruler, Princess Rhain, the kings last remaining child, is forced to consider who she will marry and make king. Rhain, however, has other plans. Feeling that it is her birthright, Rhain is ready to do whatever it takes to be a ruling queen. With the help of a royal toymaker Dexterity (thanks to his dead wife), his friend Ursa, Helfred (a man of God), and Zandakar (an exiled warrior prince from Mijak), Rhain is able to escape those who would force her to marry where they wish, and find her sweet heart Alasdair (who ends up agreeing to marry her and become her consort). Spilling the least amount of blood as possible Rhain ready's herself to becoming Queen of Ethrea.

While in Ethrea Rhain fights for her birthright, in Mijak, Hekat (the mother of Zandakar) is doing whatever it takes to give her god the world. Even if that means upgrading the sacrifices, from animals to humans.

Can I just say, I loved The Riven Kingdom. Unlike the previous novel Empress, I had no problem jumping into this one, and it was so hard to put it down whenever I had to. Other than the characters being so much more enjoyable, there actually seemed to be a point and plot to it all. While reading Empress, though I knew where Hekat would end up at, I wasn't sure what the point was, things happened, and that was it. Though I felt as if The Riven Kingdom was just thrown together, and that some things I felt were predictable (the truth about Mijak's god, I had seen that coming a mile away), I still completely enjoyed it. Oh and before I forget, the ending? It was a good thing I had Hammer of God, because I would have been very upset with the way things ended. I also have to admit, though I like the majority of the characters, I didn't like Alasdair, I liked his cousin Ludo, just not him.

I've given this book, probably unsurprisingly, 5/5 and plan on adding it to my favorites.

This is a book from my own personal library.

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