Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday (2)

Weigh in Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Epilogue. The topic for this weeks meme is: 

Contemporary vs Fantasy

I'm not really sure I have much of an argument here. I simply like Fantasy more. I don't mind contemporary it just... bothers me sometimes. I think maybe it has more to do with my personality, for the most part I'm down to earth (sort of), drama free and a little socially awkward, I've spent a great deal of time avoiding entering any sort of daily drama (it's beneath me). I definitely don't want to read about it, especially when it is a problem I think can be solved rather quickly. Why is it a whole novel and not a short story? To me contemporary isn't realistic or believable, I can't relate to it, it's as much nonsense as Fantasy, so I'm going to read what wasn't meant to be realistic.

Also I'm rather picky with the authors getting things right. I let it go when it something I don't know about, but when I know enough about it? Once I read a book about a character who was ageing out of the foster system, and I'll be honest I don't know much about it. However, I know enough about what some states will do for kids who are ageing out, but are continuing their education. This bothered me so much, I actually had to put the book down and it took me months to get back to it because I had liked other works by this author before, and I knew that this problem wouldn't mean much of anything later on in the book. I just had to ignore anything about that.... Still, I'd rather stick to fantasy in non-modern settings, there's more room for the authors to do whatever they want.

And having just finished the Mistborn series a couple days ago (go out and read that series if you haven't it's amazing!). Fantasy novels often get me in a good mood, even when the ending is sad and I cry like a baby, it  still allows for the reader to know that things could be okay. Even when the ending isn't quite open-ended, it leaves "hope." Where as when bad thing happen in contemporary... well that's it isn't it. The characters can move on, and I know what moving on is like, it doesn't leave me satisfied with the ending I can tell you that much.

So... what about you? Contemporary or Fantasy?


  1. Yeah, I prefer fantasy, too :) There's nothing like a good fantasy book, even if it's sad a little ;)

    p.s. Still haven't read Mistborn, just one of those I've been postponing reading for years now... :(

  2. I'm a fantasy girl too! My daughter has been pestering to read Mistborn for a while now. I better get it on it soon or she may burst! ;)

  3. "Nonsense" - that's awesome. Lol. Makes ya wonder what sort of life you have?! Where do you find deep connections with fiction?! :-D Just curious!!

  4. I agree. I read books to escape this world, not be thrown into another version of it with more drama. Fantasy all the way for me.
    Though I did absolutely love Thirteen Reasons Why and Before I Fall<3
    The Fiction Diaries