Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday (3)

Weigh in Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Epilogue. The topic for this weeks meme is: 

Love Triangles vs Insta-Love

Ugh... well... I say neither.... Or either? I guess it depends on the author and how the go about it. I don't usually like love triangles because I tend to have some not very nice things to say about the person who is all but in love with two different people. It doesn't make sense to me. If someone was wish-washy with me I'd drop them like a sack of potatoes and honestly I would expect the same thing from a guy if I couldn't make up my mind either. Though if it's one-sided, then I don't mind as much. As for instant love... ugh no. If it's something that's continued to work upon and grows and isn't all perfect then I might not mind it so much.

*This has nothing to do with this, but the word potatoes always looks weird to me... hmm.....


  1. Potatoes - pot-8oooooooo-s. Sorry, one of my grandad's old jokes so obviously it's really bad! Haha. I actually agree with everything you said, though I chose triangles as being the lesser of two evils as I always feel that they can work out if the author is very skilled. Unfortunately, most authors who write triangles just do so for the tension / popularity and they're not good.

    My WiW.

  2. I love your answer (and your take on the word potatoes). I hate insta-love so I would take a love triangle over that but your view on the 3 way love affair is great!

    MY WIW