Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Monday! What are you reading? (7)

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Book Journey. I've decided that I'll do this meme, every two weeks. Even though it's been a month since the last time I've done this.

Last Month:
Yup just three books... I've been kind of stuck which happens sometimes so just three books.... Wizard's Holiday and Wizards at War both by Diane Duane and one review Grace by R. Rodriguez.


Currently Reading:
Some books like Harry Potter and The Innocent Mage were put on the back burner this past month, especially once I had started to read Wizards at War (what can I say? It's my favorite book in the Young Wizard series). They will probably continue to stay on the back burner until I finish Empyreal Fate (which tour will stop here on the 29th) and possibly A Wizard of Mars, which is my second favorite in the series only to Wizards at War.  


Well I have a number of  books I want to get to soon. I'm hoping reread the Stravaganza series by Mary Hoffman before I get the newest one. As well as the Maximum Ride books by James Patterson (or at least Angel since that is the only one I have yet to read). And, two reviews Chastity by R. Rodriguez (there will also an interview/giveaway) and The Lure of Shapinsay by Krista Holle. Speaking of giveaways! I'm currently planning a few, one of them is a 150+ follower giveaway that one will be up by the end of the month.



  1. Chastity has a beautiful cover. Happy reading!

    Ashley @ Dr. Pepper Diva

  2. Ah! Next to Harry Potter, haven't read any of the books you mentioned. That is a trend for me this week- really need to get a-readin' :)

    Happy reading this week!