Sunday, August 12, 2012

Showcase Sunday (12)

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicky at Books Biscuits and Tea.

Now last time did Showcase Sunday (two weeks ago I think), I thought that I had bought more books than I actually did but couldn't remember. Well it was because I had gotten a few things in the mail and forgot about it (I'm not even sure how long I've actually had some of these books).

And, I haven't been exactly good this past week. However, it's August and I knew I would be adding a few books into my library this month (granted only two of the four books I bought came out this month, and I'm still waiting for a few more.

Ones I've had but forgot about (the first two I won):

Recently bought:

And of course I also have a number of ebooks I got for free. However, I'm too lazy to look for all of them to share them. Oh well, maybe next time.


  1. I loved A Game Of Thrones but it's one hell of a long book! It Took me ages too read!

    My Letterbox Love!

  2. Nice books! I've been hearing about the Miss Rutherford one for a while. It sounds good. :)

  3. The Iron King <3 I love it!

    Happy reading.