Monday, December 10, 2012

Fairy Tales Retold Reading Challenge 2013

And here's the 2013 Fairy Tales Retold Reading Challenge hosted by Debz Bookshelf. This is another challenge I completed in 2012. Oh yeah. So I'm signing up for it again. And, I'm upping the ante this year. The level I'm going to go with is: Damsel in Distress: 10-12 books

Some retellings/original possibilities that I have are:
  • The Storyteller's Daughter by Cameron Dokey
  • Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • The Seer and the Sword by Victoria Hanley
  • The Princess and the Hound by Mette Ivie Harrison
  • The Princess and the Bear by Mette Ivie Harrison
  • The Princess and the Snowbird by Mette Harrison
  • Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine
  • Fairest by Gail Carson Levine
  • Zel by Donna Jo Napoli
  • Spinners by Donna Jo Napoli
  • Breath by Donna Jo Napoli
  • Hush by Donna Jo Napoli
  • Scarlet Moon by Debbie Viguie
  • The Crimson Thread by Suzanne Weyn
  • Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George
  • Entwined by Heather Dixon

Read in 2013:


  1. Those are some great choices! Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow is one of my favorites!

  2. I just want to tell you that the books from Mette Ivie Harrison are a bit disappointing.. I was looking forward to them, but I didn't like them at all :( So, just to warn you! Entwined is very good! My favorite retelling from the twelve dancing princesses so far! And fairest is a sweet story. Good luck and I will keep an eye on your challenge :D