Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Married by Mistake by Abby Gaines

Casey Greene had a plan, she's not going to be a pushover any more! She's going to get her fiance to finally marry her. On a new reality show called Kiss the Bride. Unfortunately for Casey she hadn't actually expected that Joe would actually walk off and leave her by herself on live television. Luckily for Casey, Adam Carmichael who she had bumped into before the show has taken pity on her and has stepped in. However, what he planned to be a fake wedding has turned out to be completely legal! However, maybe things aren't as bad as they look. Until an annulment can go through, maybe they can use this marriage to their advantage? Casey needs time away from her family, and just learn not to be the dependable one. Adam... Adam needed a wife to keep his father's company, as by his father's will. And as long as he has one, he has time to find a way around that.

Now when I read romance novels I never expect to think "well can that really happen?" Because that kills the fun out of things and honestly I don't know Tennessee (or wherever they were) laws or wherever they were. So that aside. This was a cute quick read. I read it in two sitting. I would have read it in one, but I had to go to work. How dare those people think I had better things to do than leave my kindle? The characters were likable. I could relate to Casey who was used to being pushed around by her family (by everyone else to, but I'm just talking about her family her). I'm not usually big on Contemporary Romance, but if they're all cute like this, I could get to like this. I gave this book a 3/5.

This is a book from my own personal library.

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