Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Enclave by Ann Aguirre

I just have to start out saying I stayed up to four o'clock in the morning reading this and then woke up at nine (without my alarm clock going off) in the morning so I could finish this. I couldn't put this book down. I don't recommend starting this book before you go to bed. This was my introduction to the whole YA post-apocalyptic trend and I'm glad that it was (considering I still can't manage to even touch The Hunger Games).

The book starts out with a girl simply called Girl15 or fifteen. Fifteen dreams of becoming a Hunter, one out of three jobs a person in her enclave is given, though some might say and think she would make a better Breeder. The other job is a Builder. Having lived long enough to earn a name fifteen is given the named if you can guess, by the slightly spoiling description, "Deuce". What is it with book descriptions? She works hard to prove that she is a Huntress and not a Breeder. Deuce is partnered with Fade our typical sort of dark hero, who wasn't born in the enclave yet survived the tunnels as a child. Fade sees things differently at first and the two clash.

First of all I liked the characters, even Fade who I refereed to as "our typical sort of dark hero". One of my favorite characters was actually Tegan who we met later on, she had gone through so much, and they kept referring to her as a "breeder" like it was a bad thing. Yet, I think she was probably one of the strongest. In the Enclave we never really saw the women Breeders we saw Deuces friend and they would say he had the easy job. I think that would be the right thing to say, male breeders probably did have the easiest jobs, but I don't think the same could have been said about the female breeders who had to carry the babies to full term and could die during childbirth (which was what happened to Deuce's mother if I remember correctly). Easiest job in the Enclave or ever? I don't think so.

Another thing I liked, I'm not really someone who worries to much about "character development" believe it or not. I don't believe it happens to much in real life, so when characters stay the same throughout a book it doesn't exactly faze me. However, what I really liked about Deuce was at the beginning of the book, she saw the way the Enclave was the run as a way to protect the people who lived in it. She always did the right thing. She wanted to be a Huntress so that she could protect the "brats" so that she could give back to the Enclave. As the book goes on she fights with herself about having a soft heart, what she refers to as a "breeders heart" and she realizes the faults with Enclave and takes off those rose colored glasses.

Now I have to wait until I buy the second one. This one sort of ended at a bit of a cliffhanger. Usually that would leave me a little angry, but I guess, I just loved the book too much.

Easily, I gave it 5/5.

This is a book from my own personal library.

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