Monday, April 29, 2013

Guardians of the Grimoire by Natasha Slight

Did Not Finish

guardiansDescription (from Goodreads): "Rumors have spread among the immortals of a book that controls all the magic in both the human and spirit worlds. So what is the Spirit Mother to do when Kaël, a corrupt spirit, attempts to steal the Grimoire from her temple?

With no other option, she instructs Gaïa, a benevolent spirit, to hide the Grimoire in the human realm and to train three young girls in becoming the new guardians. Kerani, Tiluvia, and Cesca are awakened to their destinies, and thrust into a perilous journey as they race to Gaïa’s island. Accompanied by the Kal’rana sisters, the girls discover the magic that lies dormant within them. But fate plays a cruel twist on them, as their magical abilities are unleashed before they are ready, and disastrous consequences follow suit.

In a land shrouded in magic, and filled with as many friends as there are foes, will the girls be able to fulfill their destinies? Or will the balance of magic be thrown into chaos?"

I really don't usually not finish books, however, I don't ever see me bothering to pick up this book again. I was really excited when I was asked to read this book. I love fantasy books, I love YA, I thought perfect. The problem? I can't get into this book. I felt like the first few chapters were just a giant prologue. And, then just when I start to get comfortable BAM different character POV, every single time. I don't know if that changes at some point or what. Maybe if I gave it more time, but my patience has seriously run out with this one. I really don't mind there being different POV, I even enjoy them every now and then, but sometimes a story can be told from just a character or two's point of view. We don't really have to know everyone's (and their mothers', I know I'm blowing it out of proportion now, but you have my point right?) point of view of the story, it isn't necessary, and would just drive me crazy.

This was given to me by the author for an honest review.

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