Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (16)

This weekly meme is hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. This week is "Top Ten Favorite Books I Read Before I Was A Blogger". Many of my favorite books were favorites before I became a blogger, so I don't think picking a top ten for this one should be too hard. In no real order:

1) So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane Or really the Young Wizards series as a whole. Oddly enough, it took me two tries to read the first book before I realized how awesome it was. The latest in the series A Wizard of Mars is also a favorite.
2) Both Sides of Time by Caroline B. Cooney I had first discovered this book in 8th grade and fell in love with the series and many other of Cooney's works. I actually might have liked the second book Out of Time in the series more than I liked this one.

3) City of Masks by Mary Hoffman is the first in the Stravaganza series. Yes, yes, more series. This one and the third City of Flowers one are probably my favorites from the six books. I think all but the last book I read before I started blogging.
4) The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares I'm not really sure what I can say about this book. Other than I started it in middle school and I loved them then and I loved the original four books. I'm still kind of iffy about the one about the girls being older.
I was often 50-50 about the books we had to read in school. Sometimes I liked them and sometimes I really hated them (like The Old Man and the Sea or whatever that book was called). But every so often we would read books I that I simply loved. 5) Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and 6) The Pigman by Paul Zindel.
7) Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones There's really nothing I can say about this book. It still remains one of my absolute favorites of today. It's amazing. If you've read it you just might understand why.
8) Warrior by Marie Brennan So once upon a time, I read the sequel to this book, before it was retitled and given the name Witch I believed it was something like "Witch and Warrior", before I read the first book, which was called "Doppelganger" or something. I didn't know it was a sequel until after I started it. I was able to for the most part keep up with the book, but I wouldn't recommend doing what I did. Anyway, once I finally got my hands on Warrior I LOVED it. It was great. I keep telling myself I should reread it. It'll happen one day when I have the time.

9) Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine I'll be honest. I believe I saw the movie before I read the book. But I did that with Howl's Moving Castle as well.... Not the same I know. However, since I am being honest, I just love the Ella Enchanted movie, you have no idea. I first saw it years after it came out, on HBO. And my friend bought it for me to shut me up about it. Still, I knew that the two were vastly differently. The book, is just so amazing and even though I do love the movie, I love the book... possibly slightly more.
10) The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey I discovered a love for Science fiction in middle school, and I probably could thank Anne McCaffrey for that. Probably one of my teachers too. I'm sure it was one of them who handed me one of Anne McCaffrey's books. Well, after that I spent a good part of high school reading a lot of science fiction, however, The Rowan had was always a favorite.


  1. I confess to not reading any of your books except the Steinbeck selection but I've heard of many of them Fun blog!

  2. I love Ella Enchanted! The book did it for me more than the movie, but then I read the book first so that probably has something to do with it.

    I haven't read most of your other picks, many I haven't even heard of. I should probably correct that. Warrior especially has caught my eye.

  3. I'm surprised I haven't seen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants mentions tonight. I LOVED those books when I was younger!

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  4. I have heard a lot about Howl's Moving Castle! I want to see the movie and read the book! Here is my list:
    Top Ten Tuesday


  5. Howl, Ella... great books! And I was delighted to see The Rowan, which almost made my top ten.

    Interesting that it took you two tries on the Diane Duane series. I love her Star Trek books (particularly My Enemy My Ally and The Romulan Way) but couldn't get into the Wizard series. I'll have to try again!

  6. I haven't heard of a few of those. I read Howl's Moving Castle recently and loved it! Ella is a great one!

  7. The Sisterhood series is fantastic! Have you read Sisterhood Everlasting? Great list. :-)

    Visit My Top Ten List when you have the time. Happy Reading!

  8. Great Top 10. I havent read these titles but love the Warrior cover art so I may need to pick it up :)
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    Danielle @ Coffee and Characters

  9. I haven't read any of these books before. It's funny, one of the authors of these books has the same name as someone I work with, but it is her married name so I doubt it is her !

  10. Howl's Moving Castle is such an awesome book! I haven't read any of the others, though, but some of them are on my to read list (such as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Ella Enchanted)

  11. Oooh, I love Ella Enchanted! I own all of Gail Levine's books!
    Great Picks!

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