Monday, May 20, 2013

Return of: That one I keep meaning to read (11)

Well this is something I haven't done here in a while. 'That one I keep meaning to read', is something I like to do here at Jessie's Book Place where I like show my readers a book I've had sitting on my TBR pile for a long time. Usually it motivates me to get around to reading it. I also used to do this on the weekends, but eh, I think Mondays are good.

This is a book I've had sitting my shelf for at least four years. The book hoarder in me won't allow myself to get rid of any books I haven't read yet, especially if it's one I can even remember why I bought it.

The Trouble with Kings 
by Sherwood Smith

Description (from GoodReads): Princess Flian finds herself the unwilling object of desire of three royals. Is the one she wants a villainor a hero? Waking up in a strange place, Flian Elandersi at first doesn't know who she is. One wicked prince tells her she is secretly engaged to an even more wicked king who wants to marry her right away. But before that happens, yet another wicked prince crashes through a window on horseback to sweep her off her feet. Memory returns, and Flian realizes that all any of them seem to want is her considerable wealth, not her pleasant-but-ordinary self. She longs to escape the barracks-like, military atmosphere and return to civilization and her musical studies. Who is the villain? Prince Garian Herlesterlanguid, elegant, sarcastic? Prince Jaimhe of the dashing horsemanship? Or King Jason Szinzar, whose ambiguous warning might be a threat? Flian decides it's time to throw off civilization and take action.

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