Friday, August 16, 2013

Deciding what to read next...

*Bangs head on keyboard for a bit*

Okay, I'm fine now. So this month has been a pretty good month for me. It's only the middle of the week and I've read five books, so if everything goes according to plan I'll have five plus reviews (and that last Percy Jackson one I still haven't completely finished) up at the end of the month. So what's the problem? I don't know what I'm gonna read next! I had this problem earlier in the month, however, Incarceron solved this problem for me.

Now, I've noticed so many bloggers have their ways of choosing what they are going to read next or finding ways to pick random books off their TBR piles. The TBR Jar seems to have become popular, I think I've seen about two or three post over the past two months on that. Personally I think it's a great idea, it's shame I'm too lazy for something like that. Sarah over at I'm loving books has this cool monthly Random Read meme. I've actually been choosing my monthly TBR books in a similar fashion. And some ask their readers to pick what book they'll be reading next, at Icy Books, there's a weekly meme that I take part in every now and then What's Next? that does just that.

Personally, I have a journal in which I fill a page with a list of books I currently most want to get to. When I'm done with a book on that list, I cross it off, and I start a new list. However, sometimes I don't want to read any of those books that are on that list, even though when I made it, those where the top books on my TBR pile.

*Again bangs head on keyboard*

Of course, I still have my August TBR list waiting for me, out of the eight books I have listed, I've only read three. But I don't wanna read those books! (I know I sound like a four-year old throwing a tantrum.) I think I'm in the mood for something fantasy like but... I don't know.... 


  1. Deciding what to read can be ruff!!! I feel lately like I am just finishing up series!


  2. It's tough-I have a very strict reading schedule and I'm pretty good about sticking to it but sometimes you just have to be free from restrictions!