Monday, August 26, 2013

Just an idea... Monthly Themes

I like to think that I'm rather diverse in the genres that I read. However, I feel a bit like all I've been really reading lately is YA (Fantasy and Contemporary). Meanwhile my TBR books in the Romance, other Fiction and Fantasy have just been piling up. Especially the Romance, which recently I bought plenty of books in that genre.

Yesterday, while I had nothing better to do at work. I decided that here at Jessie's Book Place, I would have a theme for every month and I would invite anyone who wanted to take part to join. I had thought of making this a challenge for 2014, but decided I wanted this to be more fun and relaxed. I haven't gotten the quirks all worked out yet, but there would be a linky list for reviews each month and maybe read-a-thons, giveaways every now and then, I would also say mini-challenges but I'm terribly bad at coming up at ideas for those things. I'll have this open in October if anyone is interested in joining!

Though I'll be starting in September and the theme at Jessie's Book Place will be (can you guess it?) Romance.

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