Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: Maid for Me (Too) by Kat Lieu

Description for Maid for Me: "Feisty Mina Lin waltzes on glass shards when she lands a job as billionaire Jaiden Daniels's maid. What happens when Jaiden hires her to become his pretend girlfriend? Pretending to be in love with the hot Rich Boy is hard, when Mina's heart only beats for her boy next door, Kiterin Forrests. What happens when Mina doesn't know what her heart wants and a crazy Stalker is after Jaiden's life, and the only person who can save him is Mina?

Find out in Maid for Me, starring Mina Lin, an ambitious, silly, funny, and talented Asian-American heroine who has even developed her own fighting styled called Mina-Jitsu. A fast-paced debut novel for young adults, by Kat Lieu. Filled with hilarious dialogue, suspense, sparkling wit and imagination-- a romance novel packed with action and humor!"

Description for Maid for Me Too: "Two years ago, Jaiden Daniels met spunky, spitfire Mina Lin, and fell for her. Hard. Son of a billionaire, Jaiden could have anything or anyone he wanted. And yet he couldn't have Mina's heart. Rejected, Jaiden thought that Mina would eventually be nothing but a whisper of a memory to him. Oh how wrong he was.

Two years later, Jaiden attends the prestigious Kingston University as a medical student and dates Ivy Blackwood, Miss Gorgeous and Intelligent. One day, Jaiden bumps into Mina again on campus and pretends he doesn't know her. Has he lost his memory? Or is he seeking revenge against Mina for breaking his heart?

Mina discovers that she always had feelings for Jaiden. A series of sweet events draw Mina into his arms. Does he still love her? Or is he just toying with her? And what about his girlfriend Ivy? Lurking in the shadows is someone more dangerous than a jealous girlfriend. Mina has a secret admirer, a shadowy and terrifying creep who would do anything to have her, including taking Jaiden's life.

Will true love prevail this time around for Mina and Jaiden or will it all be too late for our star-crossed lovers? Find out in this exciting conclusion to the Maid for Me series, Maid for Me, Too!"

I know why am reading a YA contemporary again after Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe? Well, it's because I didn't know what else to read, and this one seemed like a quick read. So this a review for both Maid for Me and it's sequel Maid for Me Too (mostly because I'm too lazy to do them separately).

I had incredibly low expectations for this book, which is probably why I managed to enjoy it more. Neither Maid for Me or Maid For Me Too, should be taken to seriously. Honestly, just sit back and enjoy the cliche story line of two people pretending to dating. I can't say that these are the best stories ever written, some of the things made me question what the author was thinking.

However, Maid for Me, was very lighthearted with a make over for Mina and going to a charity ball. You know all that good stuff you can expect. Not that you could tell by the lovely covers that first caught my eye. Mina isn't quite like other heroines, she is overweight, though by how much exactly, I wasn't sure since her physical description seemed to change from person to person. However, we are reminded often that Mina is overweight. I don't think we need to read that every chapter. We are also given a stalker storyline, which at first didn't seem quite off, however, the ending to that was just really strange. Seriously don't take this book too seriously.

As for Maid for Me Too. Well, that one was a bit of a disappointment, only because I didn't enjoy that one so much. The second one begins right after the first, before skipping ahead a few years. Now, I had a few problems with this one. I found that I didn't really like any of the characters all that much in this one. The story, just seemed even more unbelievable than the first (if you can believe it). Thankfully it was a quick read (though a bit longer than the first) and now I want my 2.99 because it wasn't really worth it.

I gave Maid for Me a 3/5 and Maid for Me Too a 2/5 (mostly because I finished it and because I wanted to know what was going to happen).

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