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Book Tour: Stone Guardian by Danielle Monsch

Stone Guardian

Gryphons flying past Skyscrapers? Wizards battling it out in coffeehouses? Women riding motorcycles with large swords strapped to their backs? All normal sights since the Great Collision happened twenty-six years ago.

Well, not normal for everyone. Larissa Miller may have been born after the Great Collision, but as a history teacher who lives in the human-only city, she has never come into contact with any other race or species. That is, until one day she walks out of her apartment only to be attacked by a mob of Zombies, but then is saved by a Gargoyle.

Leader of the Gargoyles, Terak has been watching over the human woman for months because of a cryptic prophecy. Gargoyles trust no one outside their Clan, but something about this woman stirs every protective instinct within him. When he realizes the danger to her is real, he refuses to allow her to explore this new world without him at her side.

In the course of their investigation Terak becomes entranced by his little human. But when he discovers why Necromancers want her and the great reward that awaits him if he betrays her, he must choose between the welfare of his Clan and not only Larissa’s life, but the fate of this new Realm as well.


My Review

This will probably be a rather small review, it's one of those that I cant' really think of what to say. I know I say this often, but I haven't quite made up my mind about this book. That's usually because I haven't given myself enough time between finishing the book and writing the review. However with Stone Guardian, I didn't feel as if it left a huge impact with me. I feel that Stone Guardian was a cute read. Though I always feel weird calling a book cute, but I really can't think of a better way to describe it.

I struggled to get through the first couple of chapters. Stone Guardian quickly started with action, which at first I thought was great, until I found that it didn't keep much of my interest. I was barely within the first 3% of the book, and I had to put it down a number of times. Of course once I got into the next chapter it was golden. This was also one of the situations where I can't say that I liked the characters at first. However, I found that I did like the story enough that I wanted to continue. And, thankfully the characters did finally start to grow on me.

Though Paranormal Romance usually isn't my thing, I was glad that I had given this a try. (I mean, gargoyles! How Could I not give it a try?) I gave Stone Guardian a 3.5/5, I liked it and think it might be something I would read again (minus the first chapter however).


About Danielle Monsch

Born to the pothole ridden streets of Pittsburgh, PA, Danielle started writing in a time long ago, a time when there were not enough vampire stories to read and she had to write her own to fill the void. Yes, such a time of darkness did indeed exist.

Danielle writes stories full of fantastical goodness and plenty of action, but always with lots of romance (and a bit of woo-hoo!) mixed in. Vampires and Werewolves and Demons and Angels, Sword & Sorcery, Fairy Tales, Updated Mythologies and the like - if it's out of the ordinary, it's fair game for her stories.

When not writing, Danielle reads comic books and watches cartoons (though she says she reads manga and watches anime, because saying it in a different language makes all the difference.) She listens to music, plays D&D, follows XKCD, watches movies with the Rifftrax on, and is mom to two amazing little girls and wife to her favorite guy in the world.

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