Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fairy Tale Read-a-Thon Goals!

Alright so I'm not completely sure about my goals, however, I do know I'm off to a good start! This read-a-thon goes rather well with Jessie's Book Place theme this month. So some books I'm hoping to get to are:


And what I started a few days ago and hope to finish:


  1. Happy reading, I hope you'll enjoy them all :) Howl's Moving Castle is one of my fav books, and I hope you're enjoying The Wedding Bargain, too, I loved that series :)

  2. I just recently read Howl's Moving Castle and loved it! I hope you enjoy it!

    I've actually never read anything by Mercedes Lackey, but I know she's really popular. Maybe next time I'm at the library I'll remember to look her up.

  3. I'm doing this too! Crimson Thread was one of my favorite Once Upon a Time books!