Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jessie has been crazy bad at blogging lately!

And reading too. No really, I can't even tell you how bad it's been. I think I've only read, about three, four books in the past three months. Guys, it's been really bad for me. I've been working super crazy hours, and I'm going through book buying withdraws, I'm going to go out and buy more books today (that's my plan anyway). I mean I've been buying books (mostly manhwas) but that's been done online, and most of it was done near the end of the summer, yet here we are mid-fall!

And no reviews from what I have finished from before either! Though I do have a few drafts I've been meaning to get to, and some I have floating around in my brain I have to type up from the books I have actually finished. With my BLOGOVERSARY coming up next month I was hoping to do something so I have plans, I just need to get more motivated and try to get some time. So here goes to making room in my schedule for that! I've found that I really miss book blogging so I'm hoping to really put in more effort into it. To help get into the swing of things I have a few post already scheduled for this up coming week!

I've also finally got around to putting up the link-up to the Quick Fix challenge, so I'm very sorry for those who are participating in the challenge and didn't have a place to link-up in the past month and a half!

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