Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's been a really long time!

Five months, actually. I've been really bad. But I think, at this point, sadly, it's time to put an end to Jessie's Book Place. June was a terrible month for me, though I had so many plans for the middle of the summer. I lost someone very important to me, and though those around me tell me to get on with it, it's incredibly hard. I actually haven't picked up a book properly since the end of June, though I have been slowly trying to get myself back into reading. 

I promise that I will wrap up the Quick Fix Challenge for those who are currently participating. Unfortunately the giveaway I had been planing for it will have to be cut a bit short and I'll simply do one for those participating in the challenge.

It would have been Jessie's Book Place 4th Blogoversary this December but I find personal reasons keep me from being interested. Though I miss book blogging, and had tried much harder these past two years to do my best this year I went on two unofficial hiatus (this one lasting FIVE MONTHS). I'll be keeping a tumblr (Jessie's Random Place) as something much more casual and not just for book blogging. So feel free to visit me there!